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RAPPICC open for business

President of Seychelles Mr James Alix Michel, and UK Minister Alistair Burt officially opened the Regional Anti-Piracy Prosecution & Intelligence Coordination Centre (RAPPICC) in the Seychelles on 25 February 2013. The RAPPICC will bring together experts from around the world to share intelligence and information which will help to tackle the king-pins and financiers of piracy.

Commenting at the ceremony for the Regional Anti-Piracy Prosecution & Intelligence Coordination Centre (RAPPICC), Minister Burt said:

“I welcome the vital work of the RAPPICC, which begins in earnest today. This centre will play a vital role in targeting the heart of the piracy operations: the leaders and financiers of piracy who feel as if they are able to act with impunity. By targeting those at the top the RAPPICC will perform a vital and unique function, and will support regional capacity in tackling serious organised maritime crime in Somalia and across the Indian Ocean.”

The RAPPICC will be staffed by a number of international partners, including participants in the centre from the UK, the Seychelles, the US, the UAE, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Australia, INTERPOL and EUNAVFOR

In a powerful speech to the assembled dignitaries from around the World, Minister Morgan said:

“that RAPPICC represents the best practical opportunity for collaboration within the region in the targeting of key piracy and other crime networks and that its establishment today by Seychelles and the United Kingdom, in conjunction with its partners from the international community, is a clear and unambiguous signal of the collective political will to proactively answer the challenge of transnational crime with an  effective transnational response.”

The Operational Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Ministers defines the operational process, legislative framework and information sharing policy of RAPPICC so that Seychelles can finally host its partners and begin the important work of undermining the piracy business model by bringing pirate leaders, financiers to justice and depriving them of the proceeds and benefits of their crimes.